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Can I Get a Ruling? #1 – Can I Be a Sports Bigamist?

Living my whole life in the NY/NJ area, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of having multiple teams to choose from in all four major sports.  Usually in this area, if you root for the ”big brother” team in any of the four major sports (Yankees, Knicks, Giants, Rangers), then you root for all of them. That’s generally the unspoken convention. But that’s not me.
I’m an odd combination of rooting for the Yankees/Nets/Jets/Devils. It’s such an unheard of mix that I have yet to encounter anyone else who roots for the same four teams. Have I ever thought about switching any of my teams so that I fit in with the rest of sports society? Hell no!
I may not follow the local convention, but I do adhere to the ”One sport, one team” rule. As a Yankees fan, I don’t cheer on the Mets. I didn’t root for the Mets in the 2015 World Series just because they’re the New York team as well. I think that’s ridiculous. My only violation of this rule was during the two Giants – Patriots Super Bowls. As a Jets fan, it was a lose / lose situation, but I chose to root for the Giants to beat the Patriots. My hatred for Tom Brady and the Patriots was greater than my contempt for the Giants. I was happy that the Patriots didn’t collect two more Super Bowl rings.
I’ll never be like this fraud here, who showed up at every Yankees playoff game in the late 90’s and early 2000’s wearing a Yankees hat, and soaking up the cheers that went along with it as mayor of New York. But then this guy shows up in the 2007 playoffs wearing the hat of our greatest rivals. When interviewed by the media in game, you know what his response was? ”I’m rooting for the American league team…”
What a fake.
Ultimate Traitor, or Ultimate Fraud

Ultimate Traitor, or Ultimate Fraud

Can I Get a Ruling?

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