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Can I Get a Ruling? #2 – How should I fill my water bottle at the fountain when there are people waiting in line behind me?

Imagine this: You’ve successfully survived the theater, the security theater at the airport that is TSA. This time, you were smart. This time, you didn’t throw away your water bottle. This time, you merely emptied out the contents. This time, you’re not paying six bucks for the same water bottle at Hudson News.
So after being molested by some security guard who spends his or her break time studying your body scan, your first step is to find the nearest foundation, so that you can fill up your empty bottle. You make your way through the hordes of people – the overwhelmed parents dragging along too many suitcases and too many children who’ve never been in an airport before – the old people unable to walk, waiting for the electric carts driven by reckless airport employees who say ‘BEEP’ rather than honk the horn (who then are magically able to walk pain free once they get to their terminal…) – and the impatient people who are able to weave themselves through the masses, but somehow forget that they’re pulling a suitcase that’s why too big to fit in any overhead compartment, behind them. After surviving the jungle, you spot salvation!
You find a water fountain, the only water fountain, it seems in the entire freakin’ airport, but so did the rest of the horde. There’s a sizeable line ahead of you. You patiently wait your turn. Of course the line moves smoothly until the person directly ahead of you steps up to the plate. Of course he’s got the biggest water bottle you’ve ever seen, aka the Bladder Buster. Of course he turns around to you, sees the line behind him, and sheepishly smiles. And of course, you’re gutless and just sheepishly smile back. You don’t say what’s truly on your mind. You don’t want to yell Hurry the hell up, you bastard! We’re not crossing the Sahara here!
You and the rest of the dehydrated just stand there. Some buffoon walks up to the other water fountain and hits the push bar, but of course nothing comes out. The other fountain never works! You think airport staff cares to have two functioning water fountains next to each other! Get back in line!
It’s been a damn near minute. The guy ahead of you has enough water to fill up a small hotel pool, and he’s still going!!!
What is the proper etiquette here? Should this guy be allowed to fill up his illegal-in-forty-eight-states water bottle when there’s so many people waiting?

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