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Can I Get a Ruling? #3 – Can I take my shoes off at my work desk / cubicle?

I show up to work like everyone else, dressed in business casual (except on Fridays when some people show up in jeans and a t shirt. Come on, man! We work in New York City! We all subject ourselves to uncomfortable shoes, which serve as a constant step-by-step reminder that you’re at work, and not in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home. But that’s the price of looking good, right? Fashion hurts.

Once I get to my desk, I flick those suckers off my feet, and hide them under my desk. No one can see what color socks I’m wearing. And I’m not sharing a work space with anyone. This is my own little sanctuary. I have a golf ball that I roll under my feet as well. It does wonders for my arches. You can’t do that when you’re wearing shoes.

I imagine a few people who might have issue with people taking off their shoes in the office…



But who’s it hurting? It’s not like I parade around the office in my socks or barefoot. And my feet are quite clean and do not smell. What’s the problem? You don’t have to look at my feet!

Can I get a ruling?



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