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Davis Cup! Recap 1-31-17

Congrats to the Davis Cup members for completing a successful Tuesday night, wrapping up the first month of an historically foreboding 2017. 15 members graced the courts of St Rose of Lima last night, as Wait Listed James Hatton answered the call after Hun Yi succumbed to illness. Yours Truly wins the Hun Yi Memorial Award as he took an ill advised deep three potential game winning shot (that actually didn’t miss by much…I actually overshot that one…perhaps I should shoot from farther away…hmm…is this the thought process that goes through Hun’s mind once he crosses the half court line? I’m starting to understand…maybe I should just fire away…wait, where was I?)

Things got off to an…interesting start, as the first ten league members immediately decided to live in Trump’s America, creating unnecessary conflict. It was an East vs West Side Story moment, as matching up produced a team of Eddy Avetisyan, Keith Bekim, James Hatton, Keith Hernandez, and Steve Stiffler vs Paul Lee, Dakota Lin, Pat Mak, Alan Ng, and Nick Yee. THIS WAS COMPLETELY UNINTENTIONAL!!! I SWEAR!!! WE’RE ALL FRIENDS HERE!!! Meanwhile, Umer Chaudhry quietly sat on the sidelines thinking ”Hmm, who can I get for a +4…”

New Carpool Champions Eddy Avetisyan and James Hatton have taken it upon themselves to make the Davis Cup EPA compliant, as the rest of the league just idles in their cars by themselves!!!

Fierce interior play was featured last night, as big men Steve Stiffler, Keith Bekim, and Keith Wildman let their presences be known inside. Carpool Champions Eddy and James decided to drive into the paint together, wreaking havoc on opposing defenses, which left me to foul anyone and everyone.

The first MFP award goes to Yours Truly, as I collected 8 fouls in one game. ”Alan’s been fouling since 2(00)2!” said Eddy. The opposing team has been retroactively awarded 2 technical foul shots since I was still allowed to play in the game.

Player of the Night goes to Rob Hodax, who joined Team Asia and dragged their sorry asses to victory via threes from Rob’s Region, and some tough layups, including an alley-oop, and a hotly contested shot directly under the rim to finish the night. Thanks, Rob!

Davis Cup members are expanding into other sports as teammates John R Shotliff and Umer Chaudhry formed a new volleyball duo. With a bounce pass thrown perfectly between them, both players looked at each other, assuming the other would go for the ball. The ball bounced harmlessly between them. In volleyball, this is known as the ‘Hubby Wifey’ – the land of no communication.

Team of the Night goes to Rob Hodax-sun, Dakota ”Cathay Pacific” Lin, Pat ”Dribble to the Baseline and Get Double Teammed ”Mak, Alan ”Nuclear Option” Ng, and Nick “Practice shooter” Yee. The team combined stout defense with unending patience on offense. Yours Truly actually even scored one whole basket tonight! ”Alan actually scored a bucket tonight,” noted Commissioner Davis. ”And he still wanted to pass it right up until the last second. Shooting is a measure of last resort for Alan.”

Ron puts the Li in Bowling, as he successfully converted the spare on Pat ‘Pin Pal‘ Mak. Pat received an outlet pass moments before Ron barreled him over to prevent the fast break. Pat stiffened up after the contact and fell straight down, just like a good ten pin he is.

John R Shotliff and Ron Li both decided to attack the basket in different ways. JR used to nifty hesitation dribbles and floaters to loft the ball over the defense. Ron decided to just charge right in, challenging the defense.

Wrapping up the Last Game Action, both Keith Bekim and Keith Hernandez earned some quality time attempting to get the noted ”Point Center” position for All Star ballot consideration. Paul Lee also threw his hat into the mix for ”Best Layup” as he snared down the rebound and went coast to coast against a pathetically apathetic defense of Twin Cousin Towers Dakota Lin and Alan Ng.

And now, game footage! With commentary provided by WJRS for games 2 and 4!

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4


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