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Davis Cup! Recap 2-7-17

Congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a successful pre-storm-of-the-century Tuesday night. 14 members and 1 guest of the commissioner graced the courts last night. Commissioner Davis returned from his coaching duties to provide a stabilizing force, as did Hun Yi, who provided a scolding force.

There was no Team of the Night for yesterday’s grueling battles. Instead there were Two Exhausted Teams of the Night, who decided to play the second to last game to the point of numbness.
Team One:

Hun ‘Deep Three-Yi’
Nick Yee
Ron Paul Li Lee
Jumping Jelly Bean Jumper Broken Jets Boy Alan N-g

(Woo hoo!!! Rhyming successful!!! Go me!!!)
Team Two:

Eddy Avetisyan
James ‘The Quiet Man’ Hatt-an

(Ah crap…)
Craig Davis “The Man”
Umer Chaudhry, uh… “Also a Man”
Tin Hung, uh…
Ah screw it! How do you guys expect me to rhyme all your last names?!?!?!?

The Come Clean Carpool Companions Eddy and James showed that their cleanliness goes beyond environmental concerns. James cleared the air when admitting that a ball was off his foot, while Eddy called ‘no foul’ later. Model citizens of the Davis Cup!
Tin Hung is racking up those Play through the Pain awards. Save some for the rest of us, Tin! Tin fought off an early foot injury to compete all through the night, including making a game winner directly in front of Yours Truly. Thanks, Tin!
Veteran Paul Lee was having a steady night, and thought he was about to finish the evening with a personal highlight. Paul stepped into the paint and made a contested jumper over Veteran Shamer, Pat Mak. Unfortunately for Paul, he got caught living in the moment. On the very next play, Paul forgot to box out a vengeful Pat, who snared down the rebound and made the layup over Paul.

New comer Rich Guest made some nice layups and long jump shots just inside the three point line. Those may be good in other games, but here at the Davis Cup, you need to learn how things work. Take a few steps back and shoot threes!

And finally, to wrap things up, I’m bringing back the most anticipated feature of the Recap…. Patting Myself on the Back!

Yours Truly definitely retained the MFP (Most Fouling Player) award, dialed down a bit AND the MVP (Most Volleyball-ous Player) award, dialed waaaaaaaaaaay up. And to add to my collection, I’m giving myself the ELMO (Easy Layups Missed Often) award. Oh yes, those look so good on my mantle. I know you’re all jealous.

Game footage!

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