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Davis Cup! Recap 2-21-17

First and foremost Happy Birthday to Commissioner Davis! Our illustrious leader decided to celebrate his birthday with us peons on the court last night, choosing to save his actual triumph of his day of birth, for another time.

In this week’s edition of Fundamentals vs Fun Dumbos, league members trickled into the hallowed Walter R Earle court for some warm up time. As Ron Li and Tin Hung intently worked on foul shots, layups, and baseline jumpers over on the Stage Court, veterans Milhouse van Houten, Alan Ng, John R Shotliff, and Hun Yi decided to practice….shooting behind the backboard baseline out of bounds shots??? Who started this?
The Team of the Night (Eddy Avetisyan, James Hatton, Tin Hung, Alan Ng, and Nick Yee) started the evening off with five straight victories featuring a lot of zippy passing and timely outside shooting. Yours Truly even made a layup! I made a layup, guys!

Steve Stiffler declined to accept the foul offered by JR after a missed shot. “That’s not a foul. That’s on me.” said Steve as he declined the bailout. Where were you Steve in 2008? We needed you, a man of integrity, to run the banks!

Once again, Rob’s Region was open for business last night, as Rob nailed every single open three pointer. Someone put a hand in that guy’s face!

Who dared try to take away the MVP (Most Volleyballous Player) trophy away from Yours Truly? One player managed to luckily swipe the rebound to his open teammate for a shot. It was just a fluke! You hear me! You have to do that day in, day out to be even considered for MVP trophy! It’s mine I tell you! MINE!!!

The league was going topsy turvy on Tuesday night. For the first time in ages, it appeared that no one suffered any cramps! And there were no tumbles to the ground by Hun Yi! And the most amazing of all was that I grabbed an offensive rebound and actually put the ball back up! WOAH! Commissioner Davis got the Block of the Night for somehow defending a shot that never ever previously happened. And it would have never happened had I stuck to my game plan! What is going on with the league???

Player of the Night goes to Tin Hung for reliable defense, good teamwork, solid crunch time shooting, and anti goofball pre game behavior.
Yours Truly did his best Jets touchdown celebration impersonation when defending a deep outlet pass. Hope you guys enjoyed the sight because Lord knows the Jets won’t be doing that very often in the upcoming season…


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