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Davis Cup! Recap 2-28-17

Congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a successful and stirring end of the month series of games. Once again controversy loomed on and about the hallowed Walter R Earle court. With the mysterious disappearance of veteran Paul Lee coinciding with the returns of stalwarts Umer Chaudhry, Dakota Lin, and Pat Mak, things got interesting even before the games began. Luckily, chaos in the roster was quickly cleared up by Yours Truly, who was summoned to resolve the situation and then quietly resided back to his farm once order was restored.

The replay office has finally come back with a decision on last Thursday’s most talked about ‘Out on Who?’ play. After painstaking review, Commissioner Davis was indeed correct, as the ball was out on Hakeem Bekim.

Compulsive gambler John R Shotliff was a no show last night, hastily taking his name off the roster so that he can study for the March Madness tournament. Wait for the bracket to come out first before you put down the bets, JR!

Last night witnessed the returns of Umer Chaudhry, Dakota Lin, and Pat Mak, and they all returned to form. Umer brought back some timely shot making with a physics defying layup. Dakota brought back his baseline layup as well as some serious jet lag. Pat Mak brought back his random sideline shouting along with his end of the night game winning jump shot.
Team of the Night goes to Umer Chaudhry, Keith Hernandez, Tin Hung, Ron Li, and Yours Truly for winning at least four consecutive grueling games that I’m still recovering from. Extreme hustle points, some good bounces our way, and timely shooting carried us to this award.
In last night’s edition of Fundamentals vs Fun Dumbos, Hun Yi started the evening off by diligently practicing some warm up shots, only to then join the other Fun Dumbos (Comissioner Davis, Hakeem Bekim, Dakota Lin) at the end of the night in the half court no jumping shots. WHY ARE YOU GUYS PRACTICING MY SHOT? No one shall ever be better than me in that pointless skill!!!

For the second consecutive week, the Integrity Award goes you Steve Stiffler. Steve threw a pass directly to opposing player Nick Yee, who decided to end the possession and give the ball back. ”Don’t do that.” said Steve, refusing to be rewarded for his unforced error.
Han Solo fan, Ron Li fearlessly barreled into the heart of the defenses by himself on multiple occasions. 1 on 3 or 1 on 4 didn’t matter to Ron. He’s going to keep the defenses on their heels and apply maximum pressure.
No league member fell victim to calf cramping last night. Instead ,Tin Hung succumbed to an old injury, just like Hun Yi Old Back Pain. League members have now kindly requested that the Davis Cup first aid kit be stocked with Ibuprofen and Icy Hot.
Congrats to Steve Stiffler for making his first three pointer in the Davis Cup! In the always grueling Last last game, Steve fired away to give his team a 10-9 lead. Yours Truly embarassingly came down with a bout of premature celebration, as I jumped up and down the court skipping back on defense. ”That’s only 10, Alan.” said Commissioner Davis. Craig Ricky Davis would be one to know, as he broke his own scoring record and scored 10 points in one game. However, it took him ten shots to score that last record setting bucket.

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