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Davis Cup Recap 3-16 and 3-18 – Double Bonus Edition!

Thursday 3-16
Congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a successful Thursday night. 14 members and one MVP who blatantly disregarded proper digestion schedules (Yours Truly, who showed up fashionably late) graced the courts of St Rose of Lima. There would have been a full complement of players, but unfortunately Paul Lee got his ”dates” mixed up. Two teams battled ferociously for the coveted Team of the Night award, but the winner in that category was Lactic Acid. League members decided to play until nearly the following day, leaving members wishing that they never ever coined the phrase ”Last last game”.
John R Shotliff and Tin Hung combined to shoot a stellar 93% from corner threes, which just also happened to be my missing percentage on point blank range shots. Oh, the symmetry!
Maroon 5 fan, Hun Yi decided to launch a game winning three from the maroon line. Afterwards, Hun’s plea for a five point shot, in a hopeless bid to take the scoring record from Commissioner Davis, fell on deaf ears.
Aggressive painting enthusiast Ron Li charged into the paint and spun the ball against the canvas that is the backboard for several nifty layups.
Zig and zag were the themes of the night. Yours Truly grabbed a defensive rebound and tried to hit Ron Li to lead the break, all in one motion. Pat Mak had other plans and was able to take the ball away from Ron in a ground scrum. Pat attempted to toss it to teammate Craig Davis, but was intercepted by me, who tossed it back to Ron on one end of the court, who passed it back to me on the other end of the court, who then heaved it cross court to Nick Yee for the corner three, all while teammate Hun Yi helplessly stood in the back court, watching the mayhem. IT WORKED, HUN! IT WORKED!
Player of the Night goes to Kevin Guest, who lives by the mantra of ”No easy layups” as he missed every open layup, but somehow managed to make every layup where he was hit in the head. Somebody get this guy a helmet!
A massive faux pas was made by me on Thursday, as I dared to call ”bank” on a successful corner jump shot BEFORE the ball went in. This is in direct contrast with league policy which specifically states that all bank shots are called AFTER THE FACT. Sorry, fellas!
And finally, the Play of the Night… Now you’d think it was the block by Yours Truly against Commissioner Davis. Ordinarily, it would have been. But the Play of the Night involved some much higher stakes but the same parties. Commissioner Davis attempted to take the highly coveted MVP (Most Volleyballous Player) trophy away from me, trying to tap a rebound to his teammate. However, Yours Truly re-tapped the tap away to someone on his own team! Oh, the stunning revelation! The MVP trophy is mine and it will always be mine!!!

Saturday 3-18
And a special congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a successful sporadic Saturday session! Commissioner Davis decided to bestow upon his constituents a generous 29% discount on Saturday’s action!

Multiple guests and offspring helped to muster up 15 people for the special weekend games. Best wishes to Doug Guest as he recovers from a minor ankle injury.

The Player of the Matinee goes to Bekim for bringing in child labor as scorekeeper. Now all we need is a videographer, court sweeper, statkeeper, cheerleading squad, and concession stand volunteers, and we’re in business!

Rich Guest banked in a three, proving that banks are in fact open on Saturdays, but always seem to close early on the weekday, forcing you to either bank during your lunch hour, which cuts your lunch in half, or forces you to go in on a Saturday morning, when everyone else goes, forcing you to waste even more of your precious little free time. Good for nothing, banks!
League members have taken to imitate as a form of flattery, of their favorite player, Yours Truly. In addition to everyone vying to be MVP (Most Volleyballous Player), pre game stretching has started catching on. As soon as I showed up fashionably late yesterday, Commissioner Davis immediately knelt down for some lunges. And then later on when someone drove past some a few defenders for a layup, players suggested giving harder fouls. ”You have to power hug him, like Alan!” said Eddy Avetisyan. The power hug foul! No chance for injury, slight chance for awkwardness!
Hakeem Bekim brought another son, Bekim Jr to play. Bekim Jr has been given league wide permission to download the Uber app after tripping up his own father in the back court. ”Time to find your own way home!” commented Commissioner Davis, as he gave a slight warning shot glance at his own son.
Hun Yi threw an outlet pass to the streaking Commissioner Davis, who decided to use his spirit fingers to try to corral the ball. Unfortunately, the ball harmlessly bounced out of bounds.
Next week we resume our regular Tuesday / Thursday schedule UNLESS there’s another discount special Saturday(?) Stay tuned!

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