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Davis Cup! Recap 3-22-17

Congrats to the Davis Cup for a successful Tuesday night. And a Happy belated birthday to Umer Chaudhry’s son.  14 members played til way past 11 again. Ah, damn you, last last game!
Team of the Night goes to Eddy Avetisyan, Tin Hung, Paul Lee, Stephen Lok, Milhouse Van Houten who only lost one game to fatigue. They even seamlessly substituted Hun Yi for the early dismissal by Milhouse. They combined tough and smart defense with fantastic shooting, and precision passing.

Apparently last night was Monochromatic Shirt Night as nearly all the colors were covered (green – Stephen Lok, red – Craig Davis, yellow – Ron Li, blue – Paul Lee, Eddy Avetisyan, Hun Yi, black – Milhouse van Houten, gray – Steve Stiffler and Tin Hung)
Congrats to Coach of the Year, Commissioner Davis for completing the perfect season, leading a bunch of youths to a championship. That’s how you do it, Tom Brady!

Spirit fingers has caught on, as deputy commissioner Pat Mak tried to be the real thing, frantically attempting to regain control of the ball before a panic pass to teammate John R Shotliff.

JR continued his hot shooting from the deep corner, nailing a game winner, before calling it early last night in hopes that everyone could catch him sporting his fashionable winter jacket one last time.
Hun has drawn ”sweeping the court” from the chore jar, as he fell numerous times all over the place.

Yours Truly did his best Hun impersonation after he was knocked out of commission. I blew a wide open layup but then decided to call…and make the most impossible 3 degree angle bank shot. Why can’t I just make an easy layup? Ugh.

Extensive amounts of game footage because I went a whopping 1-6 last night, giving me plenty of time on the sideline.

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