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My Favorite Moments: #1

This is my favorite scene in the original ”The Karate Kid” movie that didn’t involve Elisabeth Shue (she’s a top 5 80’s girl btw…). Mr. Miyagi, unable to stay out of the huge mess that Daniel-san created for himself, decides to take it head on, and go right up to the Cobra Kai sensei, Kreese.

Kreese, played by the immortal Martin Kove, is the classic 80’s asshole; preening and posturing over the physically smaller Miyagi. He may be reeking of confidence, but Kreese is smart enough to recognize that any ”old man” able to defeat five of his students, is someone not to take lightly. So Kreese hears Miyagi out. Miyagi, once again defending a terrified Daniel, says that 5:1 odds are too much to ask of anyone.

Kreese offers a solution on the spot, a 1 on 1 battle between Johnny and Daniel to settle things once and for all. Miyagi balks, citing home court advantage, and offers a solution that Kreese will gladly accept. ”Tournament.” Miyagi says. Kreese can’t help but laugh. Of course he agrees! Not only will his boys beat Daniel, but they now get to do it in front of a live audience.

Kreese walks away thinking that he just swindled Miyagi, but Mr. Miyagi has yet another trick up his sleeve. ”Ask one more small request. Ask to leave boy alone to train.” Oh, the audacity of this man! First, to walk directly into the lion’s den. Then, he counters Kreese’s challenge. And finally, this ‘small’ request, which is pure genius! Kreese can do nothing but respect Miyagi and agrees, issuing an order to his students with Miyagi and Daniel to witness.

And finally, Mr. Miyagi demonstrates to Daniel that you never take your eye off the enemy, getting a respectful nod from Kreese, as Miyagi and Daniel exit the dojo. The clip ends with a furious Daniel upset that he just got entered into the tournament. He’s too stupid to understand Miyagi’s brilliance, so Miyagi explains it to him. ”I just saved you two months of beatings!”

All of this, in just a little over two minutes. What a beautiful scene.

Bonus clip!

I don’t watch ”The Goldbergs” but I happened to catch their spoof, which they ended with a perfect cameo appearance by Bizarro World Kreese.


One comment on “My Favorite Moments: #1

  1. ramusfl
    May 22, 2017

    John Avildsen took the work of Robert Kamen’s script of Karate Kid, and turned into a remarkable 80’s movie that captured the audience worldwide. The movie message was one of friendship, respect, love and anti-bullying. If Shue had participated in the sequels that franchised would had been even more acceptable by the fans.

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