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Davis Cup! Recap 4-27-17

Congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a successful Thursday night. After a ten day hiatus, league members returned to their roots within the grounds of St Rose of Lima. 13 members and one too tall teenage son played through an ungodly number of games, which included a Last Last Game that went to 15! Who’s the moron who called for that after such a long break from play? My exhausted legs would like someone to yell at!

  • Slick haired Rob Hodax showed off some slick shooting, making three threes from the same spot in one game. Someone (from my team…) should guard that guy!
  • Player of the Night goes to Ryan, some of Iron Mike. Ryan gobbled up all the rebounds, like a power pilled up Pac Man…shot over and around people. Not even the egregious fouling strategy of Yours Truly could stop him! Thankfully, I received verbal permission to foul him so. I have witnesses!
  • Commissioner Davis will soon be forced to hold an intervention for his league members. Tied at 7-7, Ray Chin, Pat Mak, and Nick Yee raced down for a 3 on 0 fast break. Instead of taking the automatic one, the players decided to execute their Blackjack double down strategy at the worst moment. They purposely went to shoot contested threes..AND FAILED TO SCORE. Knowing that they didn’t learn from their previous transgression, they did it again later. Classic gambler’s fallacy!
  • Congrats to Craig Davis and Eddy Avetisyan for getting a lot of free throw practice in.
  • Milhouse Van Houten abruptly stormed off the court before 10pm. Milhouse already tempted fate by having already played Tuesday night in the one time revival of the Yi League. Twice in one week? Divorces are created that way!
  • A happy belated birthday boy, Umer Chaudhry returned to league play as well. Umer was all smiles as he got a few hours reprieve away from his children. Umer made his usual alley oop along the baseline while leaning away from the hoop shot.
  • Yours Truly temporarily took the crown as Practice Shooting Champion, consistently swishing from 18 feet away during warm ups. Unfortunately that equated to 8 consecutive ”off right” foul shots when it counted. No more practice shooting for me!
  • Congrats to Commissioner Davis for taking a stab as junior editor of the Recap Dept. ”Here it comes. The Assist of the Night goes to Yours Truly for threading a bounce pass to Rob Hodax for the fast break layup.” Good job, Craig! Keep up the good work!
  • No reported falls for Hun Yi last night, just a case of him unable to get up of his own accord.
  • Ok I can’t think of anything else. I’m so tired. I just want to go home. Have a good weekend, everybody!

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