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My Favorite Moments #4: No Mind

At times, I am my own worst enemy. During chaotic situations, my mind goes in a thousand different directions. As I try to do about eight things at once, I am never more than two seconds away from just spinning aimlessly in a circle, accomplishing nothing. Instead of being in the moment, I start to worry about my hair, the placement of my glasses on my face, my suddenly itchy nose, my shirt being untucked, my belt being too tight…amazingly the list can go on.

My focus is split into more slices than a pizza at a kids party. I become aware of everything, except for the task that needs to be done.

While watching Tom Cruise’s Nathan Algren spar, Nobutada notices that Algren is too conscious of everything. ”Too many mind…” he says, citing what is dividing Algren’s focus.

With limited English, Nobutada keeps things simple, which is also in fact the advice he gives to Algren.

”No mind.”

Stop over thinking things. Stop worrying about your surroundings. Stop worrying about the people around you. Just do your thing.

It’s just like Halle Berry’s character in Executive Decision. After the pilots have been killed, Kurt Russell has taken the helm of the plane and is going crazy worrying about each step.

”Who cares? Just fly the plane!” screams Halle Berry.

No mind.





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