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My Favorite Moments: #5 Dinobots vs Constructicons

A child of the 80s, my favorite cartoon was Transformers. I have the 1986 movie on VHS and DVD, and I’ve watched it more than one hundred times. Everyone’s hero was naturally Optimus Prime, as he stood for everything good in the world. But my favorite group of Transformers were definitely the Dinobots. Those loveable bozos only ever did one thing – destroy everything in sight. And in ‘Heavy Metal War’, that’s exactly what they do.

The Autobots and Decepticons are all gathered in one place, watching Megatron and Optimus Prime duel to see who gets banished from Earth. Of course, Megatron being a Decepticon, he orders the Constructicons to burrow underneath the Autobots’ base. They are to infiltrate the Ark and destroy Teletran-1 before it can reveal to the Autobots that Megatron has cheated in the duel by gathering all the powers from his minions.

Teletran-1 detects the Constructicons and activates its defenses – waking up the Dinobots! Right before the Constructicons can complete their mission, all Hell breaks loose. ”No destroy Teletran-1!” yells Grimlock. ”Dinobots destroy you!” Lasers and missiles fly in every direction, and the Dinobots, the defendors of the Ark, blow half of it up in the process.

The Constructicons are caught completely off guard.  Who in the Hell are these robots that are twice the size of us??? They are forced to retreat.

The Dinobots do not accept their retreat, and hastily march right into the Constructicons’ defensive fire. Bah! No strategy! Crush enemies!!! Slag has had enough of this shit already.

”Dinobots no fool around!” he yells to Grimlock, who agrees. The Dinobots transform and go for the kill.

The Constructicons are stunned. These gigantic robots become even bigger! And they all have teeth!

The Dinobots take turns showing off their strength in the opening volley. Intimidation complete.

But the reeling Constructicons have their own heavy artillery, as Scrapper orders his team to transform TWICE.



OH SHIT. IT’S DEVASTATOR. Note the eye level of the Dinobots as they watch their foes become one foe.

Any other Autobots would run for their lives, but not the Dinobots! Grimlock charges right in and takes a bite out of him. Devastator repels the attack. Snarl goes for a tail which, but Devastator kicks him away. Looks like the Dinobots have met their match.

The returning Autobots watch a vicious battle outside but are not allowed to intervene. Optimus has lost the battle and they must leave Earth. But once they arrive back home, Teletran-1 reveals to them that Megatron cheated – of course he did. The Autobots are now allowed to fight back!

Megatron and the Decepticon army has joined Devastator. The Dinobots, completely outnumbered, are still standing their ground! The Autobots distract the Decepticons with a mirage of an even bigger robot before Optimus shoots Devastator in the crotch. And then the Autobots charge in, driving the Decepticons into the lava. Hooray!!!








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