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My Favorite Moments: #6 God is in the Rain

I watched V for Vendetta in the movie theater by myself, the first time I ever did that. In college, I at first was so insecure that I couldn’t bear to have dinner by myself in the dining hall. I quickly overcame that fear, but solo trips to the movies didn’t start until 2005. V for Vendetta holds that distinction as well as another. It was the very first movie I saw that had me captivated from beginning to end.

This is the scene where I fell in love with Natalie Portman. 2005 was the year that the third Star Wars prequel came out. And though her popularity was sky high because of all the Star Wars geeks, her stock was a bit low because of the horrible scripts of the three prequels. So her role as Evey both redeemed her, and once again showed the world her acting chops.

Here, Evey walks out of her cell only to find a very familiar area. It’s V’s home? What??? Out walks V and Evey is enraged.

”You did this to me? You cut my hair! You tortured me!” she says. ”You tortured me!”

V tries to explain himself, saying that torturing her was the only way he could get her to live without fear.

Evey won’t have any of it, and lashes out at him. V wants her to look past it, recalling his own torture, and discussing his own moment of clarity. Evey can’t accept it. The torture and the magnitude of the revelation is too much for her. She goes into shock.

It’s the most important moment of the movie, when V tells Evey that this is the most important moment of her life. He tells her that the torture stripped her of everything. In that last possible moment of her life, she found something inside of her. She found it. There are no words to describe it, but she found it.

They go up to the rooftop where they are welcomed by London weather. If the prospect of death cannot stop Evey, then rain has no chance. She steps forward, ready to be reborn. Throwing her hands up in the air, just like V did so many years before, she announces her new self to the world. Every is free of fear.

I love this movie.



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