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My Favorite Moments: #8 – The Town

If ABC ever set up a scenario like this, this would be the best episode of ”What Would You Do?”.

Imagine you’re a cop on a nice and quiet morning in Boston. The weather, for a change, is nice and calm. You’re in your late forties, early fifties, so your joints welcome it. And you’re on easy street that morning, assigned to babysitting duty at a construction site. All you have to do is sit in your squad car and listen to WEEI sports radio while sipping on some coffee.

And then you casually turn to your left.

Oh shit.

It’s those bank robbers who dispatch has been yapping about on the radio. They, four of them to be exact, are ditching their car, ready to jump into their escape car when they see you. Each one of them has an automatic rifles on the shoulder, and you’re sitting there in your car with a pistol. You might as well be holding your dick in your hand, because you’re fucked.

There is no training scenario in the police academy to prepare you for this. You have about two seconds to decide what you’re going to do. So let’s evaluate the situation…

  • You are outnumbered.
  • You are outgunned.
  • You are sitting in your squad car.
  • You are alone.
  • They have their guns out.
  • You have your gun holstered.
  • You might be able to kill one of them.
  • They will definitely kill you and get away.

The cop makes the smartest decision by any police officer in movie history. Today is not the day to be a hero. He casually turns his head to the right and looks away.

The bank robbers are stunned, but now it’s their turn to evaluate the situation.

  • No threatening motion by the cop.
  • The cop pretends to not even see them.
  • All they have to do is go to the switch car and they get away.
  • There’s no need to shoot the cop, which would alert the neighborhood to their presence.

It’s time to go. Everyone gets to leave the situation alive.

How many people can say that they would make the same decision? To be able to fight your instincts as a police officer and listen to your survival instincts? I don’t think I could. I’d probably panic and fumble with my gun before a hail of bullets came my way. That cop was able to ‘read the room’ and see that there was no way he’d survive if he resorted to violence. He recognized that giving his life was not worth it in that situation.

Look away and live another day.


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