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My Favorite Moments: #9 – Babylon 5 – Severed Dreams

During my last two years living on campus at Rutgers University, I was lucky to have a roommate who enjoyed sci-fi as much as I did. BGWNC and I liked both Star Trek and Babylon 5. There was one afternoon during our senior year that we were watching Babylon 5 on TNT. It just so happened that ‘Severed Dreams’ probably the best episode from Season 3, was on. And though both BGWNC and I had already seen it, we had to watch it again.

Our suites had six people in it, and it was by pure coincidence that all six of us were home when the show aired. I yelled out in the suite. ”Hey guys, you gotta watch this!” As they all trickled into the living room, both BGWNC and I knew that none of our other roommates particularly cared for science fiction.

”This is the best episode in the series. You have to watch it. This is the only episode I’m going to ask you guys to watch.”

Amazingly, they all agreed and sat down.

“Severed Dreams” is the turning point in season 3 of Babylon 5, when the station decides to break away from the Earth Alliance. A few Earthforce destroyers have also decided to break away, and Earth is none too happy about it. They’re sending an attack fleet to take over both the station, and the rogue ships.

The last part of the episode is an intense battle, both out in space, and in the station, that sees heavy damage on both sides. Babylon 5 and the rogue ships have prevailed, or so they thought….

Oh crap. Three more Earthforce destroyers through the jump gate! Jump points surrounding Babylon 5? Captain Sheridan, who’s already been in at least one no-win situation, closes his eyes and sighs.

But wait! The cavalry has arrived! It’s Delenn, Sheridan’s future girlfriend, and she is fuckin’ pissed. She just came back from Minbar, having broken the governing council, setting chaos to her homeworld.

”Babylon 5 is under our protection. Withdraw, or be destroyed.”

Earthforce tries to puff their chest and at first rebuffs her. That’s when Delenn casually reminds them the history between Earth and Minbar. I get my other roommates up to speed. ”15 years prior to this episode, Earth and Minbar fought a war and the Minbari beat Earth’s ass. The only victory Earth had was by Captain Sheridan, hence the line ‘he is behind me. You are in front of me.”

The Earthforce ships decided to tuck tail and run. They don’t want any part of those Minbari cruisers. No thank you.

BGWNC and I asked our boys if they liked the episode. They all did.

Watching that episode with all them is probably one of my favorite moments from college. I wonder if any of them remembered it.


One comment on “My Favorite Moments: #9 – Babylon 5 – Severed Dreams

  1. valuestockgeek
    June 25, 2017

    It was one fantastic episode.

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