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My Favorite Moments: #10 – I’m Not a Good Man

You ever imagine yourself in one of those doomsday scenarios you see at the movies? The odds are against you and your only option is some crazy and convoluted plan that no one around you agrees with? So you have to rally the people with some epic speech that makes the the hairs on the back of their neck tingle.

”On Time” is one of those movies that does not follow this script. Here, in the scene below, the frightened passengers on the plane have had enough. For the entire flight, the air marshall Bill Marks, played by a gruff Liam Neeson, has been hostile, evasive, and secretive with his skulking about the plane. First class has been put off limits to everyone except for a few. Several people have died on the plane, including the other air marshall, and Marks can’t give an explanation. And now, the tv screens on the plane have turned on to show a live news feed stating that the air marshall, with a checkered past, is hijacking the plane!

A few men remember Flight 93 and decide to go down fighting. They ambush Marks as he gets out of the bathroom. He puts up a fantastic fight, because he’s Liam Neeson after all, but eventually the civilians take him down. Suddenly, a restrained passenger manages to pick up the gun and points it at Marks, demanding to hear the truth.

Marks confirms that there’s a bomb on the plane and that three people have already died. Now this is normally the part where the hero wins over the crowd with the aforementioned spine tingling and heart warming speech. Instead of trying to sway the passengers by appealing to their sensitive sides, Liam Neeson decides to go in the complete opposite direction – BRUTAL HONESTY.

”Every thing you’ve heard about me is true!” he says as he starts marching down the aisle. He reveals to everyone that not only is he an alcoholic, but that he’s also a coward who couldn’t stay by his dying daughter’s side.

“I’m not a good father! I’m not a good man!” Talk about letting it all out here… There are no more skeletons in his closet.

”I’m not hijacking this plane…I’m trying to save it!”

The clip ends here, but the passengers, including an NYPD cop, are so caught off guard at what they just heard. Absolutely no one exposes himself this completely to the public and lies about it. No one drags themselves in the dirt like that. And no one, but the greatest manipulator of all time, could do that…on a whim…at gun point.

They’re all stunned. The restrained man with a gun, along with everyone else, believes Marks. Marks is given his gun back and the people wholeheartedly follow him from then on.

It was such a bold move by Liam Neeson that it worked. And it’s only worked one time before…




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