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My Favorite Moments #13 – Arnold vs. the Predator

Every man has imagined himself in a back-to-the-wall situation. Once I get into New York City, I walk to my office in midtown. I pretty much spend my entire walk, pretending that the city is under attack, and that it’s up to me to save it. I plan my first few moves, figuring I’ll go to point A or B. I’ll look for a weapon and try to find some like minded individuals who are cool under pressure. I fully immerse myself in the scenario I’ve created, and by the time I make it to my front door, I’m a hero in my mind.

Of course, in reality, if I ever were in one of those situations, I’d run like Hell. I’d let the real heroes deal with it, while I’m scurrying away to safety.

But it’s nice to imagine.

Here, in one of the greatest action movies of the 80s, super soldier Dutch, played by Arnold, is the last man standing. His entire team of elite commandos, has been picked off, one by one, by a mysterious creature who can camouflage itself. He orders the villager to ”Get to da choppa!!” before diving into the mud. By pure chance, Dutch realizes that the mud prevents the Predator from seeing him. He could make a run for it. He could go for that chopper and save himself. But no, he has to avenge his friends. Dutch stays and fights,

As the Predator wanders around the jungle of search of him, Dutch makes his preparations for his final stand. He sets traps. He makes weapons. He improvises some explosives. He gives himself a chance.

All preparations are complete. He’s ready to fight. But how does he communicate with an alien? They don’t speak the same language.

Or do they?

Under the light of a full moon, and bathed completely in mud, Dutch lights the torch, and starts speaking in the universal language.

It is the greatest, manliest battle cry in cinematic history. One roar into the night. One bellow from his belly. You don’t need a universal translator from Star Trek to understand what’s being said.

I’m here. Come and get me. Let’s do this.



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