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My Favorite Moments: #14 – The Man Kept Coming After You

Probably thousands of people have already waxed poetic about what is undoubtedly, the greatest scene in the Rocky movies, the 14th round in the first Creed / Balboa match.

I have ”Going the Distance”, the musical score accompanying this all time classic scene, on my playlist. Every single time the piece comes on, I get emotional. But I’m not here to talk about the that scene. I just had to mention it because the second Rocky movie takes place immediately after the first, continuing the story line.

Apollo’s team is trying to find him a suitable opponent for his next match, but Apollo just can’t let go of his fellow Super Fight combatant. His trainer, Duke, wants him to move on. The ending of the first match is still eating away at Apollo, however.

We’ve all been there before. We’ve all had that one thing or one moment from our past that we simply cannot let go. It eats away at you from the inside, and no matter how much your inner circle begs you to let it go, or to move on from it, you just can’t. You know you should listen to them. You know that the smart play is to move on, but it consumes you. You know it will eventually lead to your downfall, but you don’t care.

Duke pleads with Apollo to let it go. He hopes that his friend has not passed the point of no return and tries at first to remind Apollo that he won, but that doesn’t work. Apollo is the champion, a powerful and educated black man succeeding in America. Rocky is a retired boxer, who has returned to the menial jobs from whence he came. There is nothing for Apollo to gain from fighting him again.

Man, I won, but I didn’t beat him!” yells Apollo as he bangs the table. He feels that Duke is not answering his questions and demands the real reason why Duke is searching for a new opponent.

So Duke comes clean and tells him the truth.

He’s all wrong for us, baby.

At Apollo’s desk and right in his face, his trainer tells him exactly what the whole world witnessed.

“I saw you beat that man like no man had ever been beat before…”

“and the man kept coming after you.”

Let it go…”

Let it go…”

Powerful words.

Unfortunately, Apollo’s mind is made up. His obsession is too strong. Duke’s advice is not heeded.

Super Fight II will happen.

Apollo’s downfall cannot be avoided.


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