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My Favorite Moments: #15 – I Never Wanted This for You

All fathers want the best for their children. All fathers have the highest hopes for their children. All fathers want their children to live a better life than they did. The great Don Corleone knew the life he lived was not the one he wanted for his children. But he also knew that someone would have to follow in his footsteps. He knows his children. He knew from day one that Sonny, his eldest, had the temperament to take over as Don. That was unavoidable.

He had a plan for his children, a path that he wanted them to follow. Unfortunately, with Sonny killed, someone had to take over as head of the family. Fredo was certainly not capable, and Connie was not up to lead. So Michael, the good son, the soldier, the war hero, stepped up.

In the vineyard, a recuperating Don tries to impart as much wisdom as he can to his son. He’s an even more worried father now that one of his sons has died. But Michael is more than capable to lead the family, and assures him of that.

The Don laments his regrets.

I never wanted this for you…” Vito says to his son.

He wanted at least one son to succeed on a level that he could never attain. Vito did not want this life for Michael. He was hoping that Michael could avoid it altogether. He was hoping that Michael would be the one in charge.

But I always thought that when it was your time, that you would be the one to hold the strings.

Unfortunately, Michael is now going down the same path that Vito trekked. The cycle is not only complete. It starts again. The family is a bunch of hamsters on the wheel. No matter how hard they try, they are right where they started.




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