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My Favorite Moments 18: Doogie Howser

I was the smartest kid in my elementary school. Everyone knew it, because I made sure they knew it. Under the age of ten, my arrogance matured faster than my body. Kids don’t like it when you brag. So when I was going off about my school smarts, my friends warned me about them going off on me.

Nobody likes a show off…” they said.

Luckily for me, I had the street smarts to know that had I continued with my bragging ways, I’d pay for it. So I wised up and started making fun of myself. The best way to keep people from beating me up, was to have them laugh at and with me.

Doogie Howser is about eighty times smarter than I ever will be. He traveled the same path that I did, but in this episode, he went too far.

He cracked one too many jokes at the expense of one of the jocks, the captain of the football team. Not too happy about it, the big man calls out Doogie after school. There’s no running from it, because the consequences of running will be much much worse. It’s time for Doogie to pay the piper.

It’s not much of a fight. Doogie is no match for the physical strength of his opponent. But the important thing is that Doogie showed up and faced the music. It’s better to take the hits, than be branded a coward. And, he got in one good hit.

The big boy ultimately prevails, and could finish Doogie off. Showing a wisdom beyond his years, the football captain declares the fight to be over. Doogie has earned the respect of one of the most popular, and feared members of high school. That’s not something you can do while running away.

Some people can only learn the hard way. Some lessons can only be learned the hard way. That’s just the way of life. Doogie realized that you can’t learn everything from a medical book. And the lesson he learned will be with him for the rest of his life.



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