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My Favorite Moments: #19 Dr. Jones to the Rescue

Fathers raise sons to become fathers of their own. That is the cycle of life. There are certain siutations where the cycle goes both ways; where the son becomes the father to not only his own children, but his own father. The son could be looking after young children while also doing the same to his own father, who is losing his faculties. Such is the price you pay when you fight the merciless and steady beast that is Father Time. The nurturer becomes the nurtured.

Indiana Jones goes to Europe to rescue his father, who’s been kidnapped by the Nazis. The elder Dr. Jones, played masterfully by Sean Connery, is a little bit feeble, a little bit slow, and very much naive to the dangers of the situations that he and his son are put in. Indy is used to dodging bullets and fighting Nazis on his own, but now he has to protect his father and get him to safety. It’s the son protecting his father.

In this scene, both Jones’ are being chased by a Nazi fighter plane. Their car has broken down, and they’re stuck on a beach with no cover from the soon to be strafing plane. Indy futilely checks his pistol to see that it’s empty. It’s game over. Both he and his father are about to die. Indy has failed to protect his father, and he knows it. He can’t even get himself to make one last desperate run for it. Indy is ready to accept his fate for him and his father.

But it’s not Indy’s job to look after his father. It’s Henry’s job to look after Indy. The elder Dr. Jones stares at their impending doom, gives his son his briefcase, draws his weapon, and charges forward.

Don’t worry, son. I’ll take care of this.

Opening his umbrella, he marches towards the hundreds of seagulls sitting on the beach, as a completely stunned Indy can only watch. Father Jones startles the birds, causing them to fly and flee, into the very path of the attacking plane. The plane is knocked out of commission and crashes into the mountain side. They are saved.

Indy turns around to see his father doing a victory stroll. As Henry explains his actions and passes him by, Indy turns and can only be amazed.


The old man has still got it.


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