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Opatut League! Recap 7-10-17

Congrats to the Opatut League for completing a successful Monday night. With the threat of rain looming over the rest of the week, members wondered what would happen to this week’s games. And with Yours Truly still on (mental) vacation, the question was, who would make the decision? Thankfully, interim deputy commissioner Pat Mak stepped up and made the decision to gather up the forces for a Monday night game. Under Pat Mak’s Stewardship (PMS), the Opatut League was able to run a series of successful games without bleeding away any of our precious summer time and weather. Good job, Pat!


17 members and one guest played last night, managing to do so while shooing away several other players looking to join in on the fun. Good job, everyone!


Hun Yi, exorbitantly jealous of the vacation plans of Yours Truly, started blatantly making erroneous moving violation calls on everyone. ‘Travel! Travel!’ he said as other players looked around miffed.


Team of the Night goes to Eddy Avetisyan, Paul Lee, Ron Li, Pat Mak, and John R Shotliff who made a fantastic game in the brutally long first game of the night, and then another won to earn a rest.


Player of the Night goes to…the triple rims of Opatut! So many times did sure buckets just rattle out, causing multiple players to get career highs in rebounds. The Opatut League! Never assume the ball goes in! Credit Ky Pham for his lefty one armed rebound in traffic. And credit to Yours Truly for once again needlessly tapping the ball away from everyone, rather than corralling it. Right back from vacation and I’ve established myself as the MVP (Most Volleyballous Player) again!


Player of the Summer will go to whoever can get Freehold township to extend the lights to 10pm. Call 732-294-2000 and ask for the Parks & Recreation dept!


Game footage!


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