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Opatut League! Recap 7-19-17

Congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a back to back! Ushering in reforms from DAY ONE, newly elected interim commissioner Pat Mak (who voted for this guy???) has set up a rigorous schedule for league members. Unsatisfied with the lackluster performance of yesteryear, Pat is gunning for the first Back to back to back to back week of games! MAGA! – Mak Administration, Goodbye Alan!

10 members and two valued guests played last night in the second night of the Mak Administration’s newly instituted cap on outdoor play at a public park. He’s building a wall, folks! No more unscrupulous foreigners breaching the boundaries of the Opatut League and messing it up for the rest of us! Unfortunately, when unable to give out stock answers full of fluff, and directly asked, Pat fumbled. One such random person asked to play, and Pat said, ‘Uh sure. You can get next…’ You know what happened next…almost immediately, the new person elbowed veteran Paul Lee in the eyebrow! Getting rid of healthcare as we know it for the senior citizens, already he is!

Early game action featured domination by Eddy Avetisyan, Jay Cho, Gerard Guest, Eddie Lam, and Ron Li who won before fatigue set in. The back to back to back to back! Not for the weak this week!

Fancy basketball point has been awarded to John R Shotliff for his hop, skip, and jump in the lane for the layup.
The Hun Yi School for Better Basketball’s summer session is now open! Three members have registered for the “Outlet Pass – Don’t Overdo It” class! Ron Li, Pat Mak, and Yours Truly all wildly overthrew their teammates trying to do their best Lonzo Ball impersonation.

An APB has been issued for Eddie Lam. ”Eddie, stop hiding!” said Eddy Avetisyan, referencing Eddie’s tendencies to duck directly behind the defense. Eddy was hoping to unlock the ‘Eddy to Eddie’ achievement. Eddie, hiding because he’s on-the-Lam!

And finally, the most important news from last night. I MADE A LAYUP, GUYS! Yes, Yours Truly actually snared down the rebound and drove coast to coast for a completely uncontested layup. On the previous possession, I dribbled hard down the court, only to pull it back and aimlessly pranced behind the 3 point line for a full 20 seconds before the real play started. This lulled the defense into a false sense of security, as all defenders relied on the scouting report that I always pass. NOT TRUE! Once a season I’ll go for it!


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