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Davis Cup! Recap 10-10-17

Congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a successful Tuesday night. 16 members raced up and down the court in some intense action last night. Yes, 16, as some cap magic was on display.

Rock and roll enthusiast Craig Davis decided to have a jamming session on the court. The commissioner jammed all his fingers while going after a loose ball, and even decided to throw in a few rolls as well. Yours truly even joined in, jamming his thumb. That was not fun, Craig.

A hearty welcome back to the Messiah complex suffering Rob Hodax. Motion to use any Davis Cup surplus to fund Rob’s first trip to Stiffler Snip and Shave store, Exclusive Cuts Barbershop, opening today!
After Milhouse Van Houten decided to leave a winner, a decision was made for the winning team to fill its vacancy with the fashionably late Alan Ng. It was a near consensus, with a notable exception from Hun Yi, who issued a vote of no confidence in his teammates. ”I’ve been losing all night. I want to switch it up.” he said before being drowned out by the NO-SWITCH crowd (yes, I’ve trained you all very well. NO SWITCHING! Hun gave up his protest, and in the process, reverse inspired his teammates, who then won their first game of the night. There were some mighty awkward high fives afterwards. And for all that, Hun gets the Anti-teammate of the Night Award.
In completely unrelated news, Teammate of the Night goes to Umer Chaudhry who offered to give up his spot to Yours Truly in some late game action.
Congrats to veteran Paul Lee for shooting his first 3 pt shot! Atta boy, Paul! Now you just have to shoot the ball in rhythm…not after pausing ten seconds waiting for the entire court to egg you on, and then stepping back two feet behind the line thus making your first shot even harder. In rhythm, Paul!
A warm welcome back to Tin Hung and Dakota Lin who were both back after their overseas overtures. Do you guys even know what time it is?
Rude foul line manners by Manny Chin. Immediately before Robs last foul shot, Manny stepped in and said ” Oh, that’s it ” even though he was factually incorrect. Rob then promptly missed the shot. Rob is awarded one free foul shot attempt for future use, but since I don’t want to feed into his Messiah complex, I’m taking it away.
Teammates Eddy Avetisyan and Kobe Lee took turns battering down the opposition with some strong drives to the hoop. One day I will drive to the hoop, as opposed to pulling up at an awkward distance and launching a weak floater that somehow airballs even though I’m less than six feet away. Ugh.
Yours Truly lived up to his words of only playing after Milhouse van Houten left. I then played enough games to reach the minimum requirements to defend and retain my MVP trophy. I spiked the ball multiple times for offensive rebounds, and even went a little too strong on one. Whatever it takes to prove that I am the Most Volleyball-ous Player!
Congrats to Ron Li for reading the roster email and heeding some sound advice. Not once did Ron go 1 on 4. Instead, Ron quickly counted the defenders, only saw 3 and then attacked the rim. 3 is better than 4! You’re getting there, Ron.
A challenge has been issued by Davis Cup newcomer, Josh Hegzhia, as he declared himself to be a practice shooter. But we all know who the reigning practice shooting champion is… looks like Nick Yee will have to defend his most treasured title next Tuesday! Can’t wait for the Practice Shooting Championship!
I wasn’t there for the whole night so I can’t award either a Player or the Night, or Team of the Night. Instead, I shall award the first ever Administrator of the Night to the member who so selflessly gave up his spot to allow another member to play, which then allowed a circumvention of the player cap. This member also swept up the court to ensure player safety. Oh this award is going to look real nice next to my MVP trophy…

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