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Davis Cup! Recap 10-12-17

Sorry folks for the delayed recap. Someone at the Recap Dept got caught up in the baseball playoffs…Let’s Go Yankees!
Congrats to the Davis Cup for a successful Thursday night. 15 members put on a display of athletic skill and teamwork, which is more that can be said about the NFL’s shoddy Thursday product. Why would you make players play on Sunday and then throw them back out on to the field just a few days later??? There’s such a simple solution..
– Eliminate the last preseason game. You don’t need 4. Nobody even plays for more than a quarter in most of them anyways.
– Add an extra bye week to the season. The more rest players get, the better product you’ll see on the court. Also players will be healthier. There’s a huge amount of talent on the DL right now.
– Add another week to the schedule, so that the Super Bowl coincides with President’s Day weekend. That way, the Super Bowl can go on forever on Sunday night, and people don’t have to go to work the next morning all hung over. Plus, the NFL can introduce a lot of fake patriotism events in accordance with the holiday. Just think of the new holiday themed hats they can market to the people!
– Say a team players on Sunday October 15th. With the extra week in the schedule, they can play a Thursday game, but not until Thursday October 26th. That gives the team 10 days rest between games. Then after that, their next game will be Sunday November 5th, which allows them 9 days of rest between games. You get well rested teams for Thursday, and then the two teams get a little extra rest before and after as well. Also, you’ve extended the regular season by 2 weeks. Who doesn’t want the season to last longer?
– It’s so simple, isn’t it?
Anyways, back to basketball..
A league wide missive has been issued.
From the desk of the commissioner’s office…
Let’s ease up with the long debates on fouls and rules. We’re all here to have a good time. We’re wasting too much time arguing the finer points of the game. I have to say this before someone prints out and brings an actual NBA rules book.
– There was an informal 3 pt shooting contest last Thursday, as Pat Mak, Marco Lee, and John R Shotliff all reached NBA Jam fire from behind the line. Bah, I think I’m coming to the courts tonight just to practice my shot. Lord knows I need it…
– Dakota Lin tried to snare away the MVP trophy away from Yours Truly. Dakota, thinking that it would be ok to keep the trophy within the family, tapped a few potential offensive boards off the court. Unfortunately, to qualify for the Most Volleyballous Player award, you need to needlessly spike the ball off the court with way too much power.
– Honesty points were handed out to Umer Chaudhry. On a bang bang play underneath the hoop, the ball got knocked out of bounds, and it seemed like the ball was blocked out by Yours Truly (on his feet btw…hello, Patting Myself on the Back section of the recap!). Umer’s team was about to retain possession until the little Angel on Umer’s shoulder reminded me to tell the truth. ”The ball was off me..” he said.
– And now, some official game footage! The final bucket in the game of the night by Josh Hezghia!
– Finally, the Play of the Night featured a solid block, then a snared defensive rebound, which led to a fast break, which culminated in a forty five foot bounce pass through the heart of the defense to a streaking Pat Mak for the layup…all by Yours Truly, the delusional faux point center of the Davis Cup!
Enjoy the games tonight, folks!

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