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Davis Cup! Super Belated Recap: 11-2-17

Congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a successful, parked police car free Thursday night! 14 members played last week. However, one member can’t count, because the Davis Cup coffers are two dollars short. Someone’s gonna have to go back to school for remedial math. Just don’t go to St Rose of Lima. I can’t trust their curriculum. Their English dept can’t spell ‘Recyclables’ because one of the Cs is missing on the recycling can…
Play of the night: Ray Chin drove down the middle of the paint, and then spun himself clock wise like Tony Parker, around Hun Yi for the game winning lefty layup. A baffled Hun retorted that Ray ‘stepped on my foot!’ to prevent any defense. Solid veteran move by Ray!

Has fervent atheist Alan Ng found religion? Could very well be, because Yours Truly was just throwing up prayers when driving in the lane. I channeled my inner Antoine Walker, declaring myself to be a volume shooter, going 3 for 17 in last night’s action. Maybe I should take lessons from John R Shotliff, or Eddy Avetisyan, who have highly consistent, feathery touch shots.
Who won in the battle of the bigs who left early? Was it Milhouse Van Houten, or Parth Parikh? The answer: Yours Truly! Since I didn’t have to fight them in the interior, more rebounds for me! Actually, the real winner is Iron Mike, who feasted on the inside with offensive rebounds and plenty of easy buckets. And for that, Iron Mike earns himself the Player of the Night!
The last last game of the night was a total blooper reel, featuring silly collisions, comically bad ball movement, and horrid shots. It seemed everyone was just having a down game. Why can’t there be more players like Umer Chaudhry who are just consistent the whole night? Eerily consistent. Are you a robot, Umer???
Fantasy Football Quarterbacks of the Week go to…
Parth Parikh for his touchdown pass to Manny Chin for the game winning reverse layup.
John R Shotliff, for reading the defense and throwing a td pass to Umer Chaudhry, who was running the perfect post pattern. JR, fueled by candy from Patrick or Treat Mak, also threw three TDs in Tuesday night’s action.
Feel free to sub in for Eli Manning next week, boys. Cuz neither of you can do any worse!
Constant evening of dis information by Pat Mak. After Hun Yi threw a leading bounce pass to green shirt wearing Eddy Avetisyan, Eddy wisely didn’t want to have a clash of the Green Lanterns and collide with the defender, fellow Green shirt wearing Alan Ng. With the ball soon going out of bounds, fellow defender Pat yelled ‘Grab the ball, Alan!’ to which I obviously did not. Later on, a player drove into the lane and dished it off to Yours Truly, who was about to throw up another prayer of a shot…that is until defender Pat yelled ‘Foul’. I stopped play and asked who the foul was on. Pat then slyly grinned ‘No foul’. The joke’s on you, Pat! Since I was three feet away from the hoop, I would have easily missed!
Three Stooges moment by teammates Alan Ng, Iron Mike, and Nick Yee, as they all fought each other for the defensive rebound, which eventually bounced out of bounds, giving possession back to the other team. Ugh.
Defensive Player of the Night award goes to…Manny Chin! Manny was so aggressive on defense, that even after one of his own teammates secured the defensive board, Manny still pressured him for the first few steps in transition, before he came to his senses and said ‘Wait, what am I doing?’
The Play Through the Pain Award goes to…Commissioner Davis! The commissioner re-jammed two fingers on his shooting hand, then did the longest ‘walk it off’ lap around the court. On the ensuing possession, the ball was immediately passed to him, and the commissioner launched a three pointer with no hesitation. Nothing takes the pain away like instantaneous shot firing!

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