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Davis Cup! Recap 3-13-18

Congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a successful March Madness edition of games last night. Members planned to celebrate the return of fan favorite, Alan Ng, by introducing a sweet 16th member to play via the injury exception. Expecting to return amidst triumph and farefare, Yours Truly was instead greeted with dismay. Due to a logistical snafu, 16 members played, triggering the dreaded ‘win 2 and sit rule’. After I let in Nick on an injury exception, I miscounted and let in Jay after recognizing that I would be very late. Apologies to all. I’m rusty!
– No Team of the Night. Apologies again, everybody! I didn’t see the first half of the action, so I can’t make a choice.
–  Leading the offense, Tin Hung pulled up at the top of the 3 point line, awaiting his trailing teammates. He turned to his right and passed the ball to his supposed teammate. Instead it turned out to be opposition member, Hun Yi. Hun smirked and stopped play to give the ball back. Tin denied the charitable manuever. ‘You weren’t even trying, Hun.’ Tin said as he went ‘No, backsies’ and gave the ball back, thus confirming his turnover.
–  There were way too many light blue shirts! Why weren’t all you guys on the same team?
–  Paul Lee pulled a No, I Won’t Look pass, as he took a few dribbles to the hoop on the baseline, and then spun around and threw a pass to where he thought a teammate would be. On that team’s very next possession, super highly competitive teammate Pat Mak said, ”You’re not the only one who can do that here, Paul!” and proceeded to make the very same turnover, but faster!
–  Assist of the Night goes to Josh Hezghia for his drive and dish to Eddy Avetisyan, threading the ball between a plethora of defenders. Oh, the sweet dime!
–  Qb Touchdown Pass of  the Night goes to John R Shotliff, as he rifled a pass the length of the court to Jay Cho, between two defenders. Unfortunately the shot for Jay was way too easy, and he missed it. Jay only makes really difficult layups, don’t you know that, JR?
–  Commissioner Davis briefly enjoyed a spiritual moment while on the court last night. Craig was flat on the ground during a scramble for the ball when he saw a big white light headed towards his face. It was actually the pasty white shoes of Steve Stiffler, who did not live up to his nickname, but instead displayed a bit of fancy footwork, as he high stepped it around Craig’s potentially lifeless body, underneath his toes.
–  Teachable moment of the night goes to Levar Burton fan, John R Shotliff, as he informed Paul Lee on the history of the Charlotte franchises. JR has been doing his Reading, increasing his wealth of knowledge… wealth like that which you find at the end of a Rainbow.

–  What would a recap be without everyone’s favorite segment, Patting Myself on the Back! Yours Truly caught a pass in the paint from JR, and before I even landed, I relayed the ball to Jay Cho underneath the hoop for the heavily spinning layup. See, it was a difficult shot, and Jay makes those all the time!

–  Completely apolitical Hun Yi would like to clarify that after he tip blocked Umer Chaudhry’s 3 pt attempt, he was yelling ‘Piece! Piece!’ and not ‘Peace! Peace’ in reference to any desire to stop the continual strife in the Middle East.
–  Why didn’t anyone tell me that they moved the location of the water fountain?

–  Officially closing the night of games was the game winning jumper by… Yours Truly! In the last game, Hun Yi drove into the paint to draw in the defense and dished it off to me, as I was able to shake off the rust and actually make a jump shot. Woo hoo, another Patting Myself on the Back segment!

– The actual closing of the night was done by eight psychopaths who decided to play double elimination 2 ball. What’s wrong with you people? I’m talking to you, Commissioner Davis, Hun Yi, Pat Mak , Tin Hung, Rono Yick, John R Shotliff, some guy who looks like a short haired version of Rob Hodax, and Nick Yee! Aren’t you guys tired? Go to the water fountain on the now opposite end of the court, get a drink, and go home already!

Game Footage!


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