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Davis Cup! Recap 3-15-18

Congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a success Thursday night. March madness may have captivated millions of casual gamblers, but the only sure bet for competitive games were inside the walls of St Rose of Lima. 15 members and one former commissioner trying to sneak off the injured reserve played last night.

Movie enthusiast Umer Chaudhry revealed the next movie he’s eager to see. And no, it’s not Avengers, or what should be the correct answer, Pacific Rim: Uprising. At the supposed start to a game, Umer posted up Rob Hodax and scored a tough basket. Unfortunately it appeared that he was the only one prepared. Umer was the only Ready Player. One.

A demonstrative Milhouse van Houten demanded that he, Eddy Avetisyan, Umer Chaudhry, Josh Hezghia, and Hun Yi were Team of the Night. Sure, Milhouse. You can have it since you’ll be in the doghouse the whole weekend for playing ball twice this week.
The Davis Cup is a trendy one. However, it’s usually bad trends that pervade through the league like wild fire. With the second appearance of the week by Yours Truly, league members once again tried to steal the MVP trophy away from me. Trying to secure the defensive rebound for his team, Commissioner Davis volleyball tapped the ball… directly to opposition member John R Shotliff for the easy bucket. And in another game, Ron Li tapped a potential offensive rebound directly to the opposition. STOP TRYING, PEOPLE! YOU’LL NEVER BE AS GOOD A VOLLEYBALL PLAYER ON THE BASKETBALL COURT AS ME. YOU’RE SCREWING OVER YOUR OWN TEAM IN THE PROCESS!
Sneaky veteran Paul Lee had a few key deflections during game play. Unfortunately for Paul, he decided to celebrate himself on the 3 pt line during offense.
And that’s all I can remember from last night in my brief cameo. So I might as well make up a new segment in the recap:
Shooting Opinions, Observations, and Objectifications.
(You know, because the guy who shoots it worse the closer he gets to the hoop…the guy who has played like five times this year is the PERFECT person to write a whole section judging everybody’s shooting skills. Maybe I should just go back to not shooting… moving on!)
John R Shotliff: Get in bounds before you try to shoot the ball, JR!
Paul Lee: Get off the 3pt line, Paul! Don’t be out there unless you’re going to shoot it.
Hun Yi: Oh, way to blow the easy uncontested layup Hun, but then make all the tough shots. Business as usual for you.
Ron Li: Ron loves shooting from the baselines just slightly behind the rim. That and his double scoop shots. You’ve been warned.
Manny Chin: Your running scoop, hook and sometimes reverse layup shot just isn’t working.
Craig Davis: Where’s the granny shot, Craig?
Eddy Avetisyan: What’s with making a high percentage of your layups, huh, you show off.

Nick Yee: Enough with the game winners already, ok? I got two of them on video, you show off.

Patrick (Dribble, side step, shoot) Mak: No comment.

Josh Hezghia: You can get a little closer to the line when shooting the 3. It’s ok.

Ray Chin: Stop trying to get the ball lodged up in the ceiling, Ray.

Umer Chaudhry: Very nice shooting.

Milhouse Van Houten: How well do you think you’d shoot without your glasses?

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