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Opatut League! Recap 7-22-17

Welcome to the post humidity delayed Monday morning recap of the Opatut League. Something to whet your appetite while we curse Mother Nature for soaking the courts today… Congrats to … Continue reading

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Opatut League! Recap 7-19-17

Congrats to the Davis Cup for completing a back to back! Ushering in reforms from DAY ONE, newly elected interim commissioner Pat Mak (who voted for this guy???) has set … Continue reading

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Opatut League! Recap 7-10-17

Congrats to the Opatut League for completing a successful Monday night. With the threat of rain looming over the rest of the week, members wondered what would happen to this … Continue reading

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My Favorite Moments: #19 Dr. Jones to the Rescue

Fathers raise sons to become fathers of their own. That is the cycle of life. There are certain siutations where the cycle goes both ways; where the son becomes the … Continue reading

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My Favorite Moments 18: Doogie Howser

I was the smartest kid in my elementary school. Everyone knew it, because I made sure they knew it. Under the age of ten, my arrogance matured faster than my … Continue reading

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My Favorite Moments #17: Red XIII

It’s just a game… My mother would always say this to me, whenever I got too into my video games or sports watching. My competitive nature was deemed unhealthy by … Continue reading

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My Favorite Moments #16: Braveheart Betrayal

Forget for a moment that there are more historical inaccuracies in this movie than there were arrows launched in the battles. Just take the movie at face value and enjoy … Continue reading

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